Below are just some of the services I can provide for you. My residential hourly rate is always a flat $100/hour and is prorated after the first hour.

Business rates are a flat $150, prorated after the first hour. Work can be done off-hours to accommodate business needs at negotiated-upon rates.

A no-obligation quote is always offered before any work is performed. Text 608-571-4466 or email [email protected] for details.

Computer Incident Recovery

Did you fall victim to a banking scam? Did you enter personal information into a form that later turned out to be malicious? Was someone remoted into your computer and making changes to your system?

You are not alone, and you do not need to feel ashamed of this.

I will work with you to clean your computer, help you secure any sites and passwords, and take action to make sure that your computer is trustworthy again.

I will soon be working with the fraud departments in local banks to spread awareness of fraud and how one can recover from an incident.

Contact me for more information.

Malware Removal

Due to the hundreds of thousands of different malware programs out there, it is imperative that an infected system be analyzed before a remedy can be performed. That’s why a comprehensive analysis of your computer is included at no additional charge when you need malware removed. I will analyze the PC, removing the malware as it is found. If the malware is very pervasive or if it is too time-consuming to remove then I will backup up all of your important files, restore the original operating system, and then restore your files back to your computer. I will also assist you with preventing malware infections from taking hold of your PC in the future.

Banks often recommend that a computer professional examine a computer after a scam, infiltration, or other security breach. I will check your computer for any indications of remote access and advise you of next steps.

Slow or Underperforming Computers

A slow computer can be a sign of malware or, more often, a computer that needs to be cleaned up by a professional. When fixing a slow computer I will perform a comprehensive analysis of the machine, from startup items to memory use, and I will explain in plain language what the cause is, how I will fix it, and recommendations for additional services if deemed necessary. You will always be aware of your options and costs up-front and I will never recommend services that you do not need.

Laptop/Desktop Repair and Upgrades

While other Madison-area shops charge a huge minimum fee for just looking at a computer, my rate stays the same whether you have a laptop, desktop, or all-in-one system. I service most makes and brands, using high-quality parts. I back up my work too with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor on all repairs and upgrades.

Most repairs and upgrades can be done in the comfort of your home. In some cases it may be more feasible to take the computer to my in-home shop, where I can better perform needed repairs. There is no extra charge for shop work, and customers are only charged for the work being actively performed (i.e. I don’t charge for the entire duration of a two-hour malware scan or disk clone like many other repair shops do). From hard drive and memory upgrades to laptop screens and power supply replacements, I do it all, it’s done well, it’s done at a known price, and you have a name to call upon when you need help.

Home and Business Networking

Setting up a wireless network in your home is easy. Securing it and ensuring that the coverage is the best is something best left to the professional home network installer. Let me help build a secure and strong wireless network in your home. I use only high-quality equipment that is not only fast but reliable too. I will also ensure that your entire home is connected to the network and Internet before I leave. It’s our above-and-beyond service to ensure that you are happy with your wireless network.

Need something more advanced like a home media center, wireless remote automation, or something that is above the knowledge of the ordinary computer repair shop? I can help with that too! Working with respected brands such as QNAP, SiliconDust, Synology, Nest, and many others I can build the technologically-advanced home network that puts you in control! Not only that, but I will provide you with clear, written documentation customized for your home and for your equipment, because what fun is technology if you don’t know how to use it? Contact us today for a free quote!

Backups and Data Recovery

Hard drive failures and malware have combined to make backing up your data a necessary task these days. I will help customize a backup solution that is perfect for you, whether it is using a 3rd party cloud provider or disk storage in your own home.

If disaster strikes and you don’t have any backups I can attempt to recover any data for you at our standard rate – other local shops will hold your data hostage for $150 (or higher)! I have successfully recovered data from many computers, including a MacBook Pro that was partially melted in a fire, drowned in frozen water, and written off by the techs at the Apple store. When you’re at your lowest and think your data is gone give us a call. There is absolutely no charge if I am unable to successfully recover anything. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get everything back but I will work my hardest using our special, state-of-the-art hardware and software tools to recover as much of your digital life as I can.

Computer Replacements

Have you bought, or want to buy, a replacement computer but don’t know how to easily move things from your old machine to the new? I can help! Using our special equipment I can move all of your files from your old machine to your new one. I  are also happy to assist with setting up printers, networking, and any other tasks that you need us for. I can also help you spec out a new computer or even build a special system for you.

Best of all I can recycle your old computer for you at no charge! I use top-of-the-line data destruction software to completely wipe your old hard drive. Then, I physically destroy the drive to ensure that your data stays safe. Finally, I will dispose of your old computer in an environmentally-friendly way. It’s all included at no charge when you call on us to help you with a new computer!

…And much more!

Do you need help with anything not listed, like a one-on-one training session on importing photos from a camera or assistance with your printer? I do that too! Call us for help with all of your technology needs.