Bitwarden is my new recommended password manager. For various reasons that I do not want to get in to online, but would be more than happy to discuss in person or via email, I no longer use LastPass as my personal password manager. Let me be clear: There is nothing inherently wrong with LastPass. I just decided I did not much like the user interface much anymore and I was having technical issues using it on my Android phone.

That said, I still recommend the use of ANY password manager, including LastPass.

Bitwarden is easy to use and integrates well with both iOS and android devices. I find that the integration is smoother and works more predictably on Android than on iOS but both operating systems seem to do just fine in the end.

Getting started is easy, and rather than rehash a well-produced video, I suggest watching their tutorial. I was able to easily export my passwords from LastPass to Bitwarden with ease, and I would be more than happy to help you do the same, or setup your first password manager.