Free Gift – Now Through May!

I’m trying to spread the word around about a small computer repair business that does really great work

it’s my business, Jay’s Computers and Repair. Welcome to the best, and friendliest, computer service you’ll ever get.

I’m giving out a 12-pack cooler bag or an 18-ounce hot/cold insulated mug with every computer service done now through the end of May!

Supplies are limited so contact me now for your technology and tutoring needs!

Who are we (me)?

I am the sole owner and employee of Jay’s Computers and Repair. It’s nice to meet you.

You’re one guy.

Yes I am. I intend to expand someday. It depends on how quickly I can grow my business.

What’s your schedule like?

Though I maintain a full-time job, I am happy to work with you during evenings and weekends. My clients find this to be beneficial since many people maintain a similar work schedule and it is more convenient to meet in the evenings and weekends.

Where are you located? As in, do you have a store or place I can drop my thing off at?

At the moment I make house calls and, when advanced work is necessary, I will take the item back to my home-based shop for the appropriate repairs. I am very sorry, but I do not accept items at my home address for privacy and security concerns. BUT – if I can grow my business I have every intention of opening a brick and mortar retail and repair store in the Sun Prairie/Madison area. Let’s make it happen together.

I didn’t see a service or issue covered, or I have a really specific or complicated need.

If you don’t see a service covered just text or call me at 608-577-4466 and I will let you know how I can help you.

For complicated installations or really specific needs I am happy to come on-site at no charge for an initial consultation.

Printers? Why are they always broken?

I like working on printers and have had luck with specific makes and models. I’m happy to help you out.

Do you teach classes?

I do! If you are interested in a one-on-one class on anything please contact me and I will be happy to setup an appointment with you at your convenience. I will go slowly and teach you in the learning method best suited for you. I am always happy to create personalized documentation for you in easy-to-find places on your computer for easy reference.

Here’s my promise to you: I will clearly, plainly, slowly, and without judgement, walk you through your iPad, how to connect our camera and download photos, how to fix iCloud so searches on your iPhone don’t appear on your son’s iPad (true story), and much more.

What are your rates?

Here are my current rates.

Do you fix (Brand/Make/Model)?

I can fix most PC (Windows) computers, laptops and desktops, some printers, some tablets and phones, and older Apple computers.

I refer newer Apple computers to the Hilldale Apple Store for service. For a one-hour fee I can be the liaison between you and Apple, including pickup and delivery of your Apple product to the Apple store, consultation with the Genius Bar on your behalf, and anything else that needs to be done.